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IARM20 Scientific Program Department

JA Toride Medical Center
Ibaraki, Japan

Liaison Office of IARM20

c/o Procom International Co., Ltd.
TFT Bldg. East Wing 9F, 3-6-11 Ariake Koto-ku Tokyo, 135-0063 Japan
Tel: +81-3-5520-8821
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E-mail: iarmjarm@procomu.jp

会場 TFT Hall 500(Venue A)
学会1日目 (Day 1) :10月10日(水)、October 10(Wed.)


開会式(合同) Opening Ceremony (Joint)  October 10(Wed.) 9:00~9:55


President Lecture (20th Congress of the International Association of Rural Health and Medicine
October 10(Wed.) 11:00~12:00

  Home health care in patients with neurologic impairments in rural areas in Japan: (1) what is the long-term survival-determining factor ? (2) efficacy and ethics of artificial nutrition
  Chairman: Dr. Tomihiro Hayakawa(早川富博)
  Director, Asuke Hospital, Aichi, Japan(愛知県厚生連 足助病院)
Speaker : Dr. Shuzo Shintani (新谷周三)
Director, JA Toride Medical Center, President of the Japanese Association of Rural Medicine (JARM), Japan(茨城県厚生連 JAとりで総合医療センター、日本農村医学会理事長)

Lunch Break(昼休憩) October 10(Wed.) 12:00~13:00


Keynote Lecture:IARM ①  (Sweden、スウェーデン) : October 10(Wed.) 14:00~14:55

  Healthy and sustainable workplaces for older workers in agriculture - A Swedish perspective
  Chairman : Prof. Kuninori Shiwaku(塩飽邦憲)Specially-appointed professor of Shimane University, Faculty of Medicine, Shimane, Japan(島根大学医学部 特任教授)
Speaker : Dr.Kerstin Nilsson1, 2 , Prof.Peter Lundqvist2
1 Lund University, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Lund, Sweden
2 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Work Science, Business Economic & Environmental Psychology, Alnarp, Sweden

Keynote Lecture: IARM ② (Greece ギリシア: October 10(Wed.)15:00~15:55

  World aging population, chronic diseases and impact of modifiable-metabolic risk factors
  Chairman : Dr. Masanobu Tatsumi(立身政信)
The association of preventive medicine of Iwate Prefecture, Iwate, Japan(岩手県予防医学協会)
Speaker : Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas
(President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine:E.I.Nu.M.)

Keynote Lecture:IARM ③(Germany ドイツ: October 10(Wed.)17:00~17:55

  Providing Dementia Care in a rural region in Germany – consequences of demographic change and concepts to encounter these
  Chairman : Dr. Hiroyuki Tomimitsu(冨満弘之)
Vice Director, JA Toride Medical Center, Ibaraki, Japan(茨城県厚生連  JAとりで総合医療センター)
Speaker : Dr. René Thyrian
(Group Leader, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), DZNE Rostock/ Greifswald, Germany)

Keynote Lecture:IARM ④(Finland)フィンランド : October 10(Wed.)18:00~19:00

  Aging and sustainable employment
  Chairman : Dr. Yoshito Iesaka(家坂義人)
Director, Tuchiura Kyodo General Hospital, Ibaraki, Japan(茨城県厚生連 土浦協同病院)
Speaker : Prof. Clas-Håkan Nygård
(Faculty of Social Sciences Health Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland)
会場 TFT Hall 500 (Venue A)
学会2日目 (Day 2) : 10月11日(木)、October 11(Thu.)

Keynote Lecture:⑤(Italy)イタリア : October 11(Thu.)9:00~9:55

  Workforce ageing an emerging challenge for Occupational Health and Safety and the Diagnosis and Prevention of Occupational Diseases.
  Chairman : Dr. Takeshi Momotsu(百都 健)
Sado General Hospital, Niigata, Japan(新潟県厚生連 佐渡総合病院)
Speaker : Prof. Claudio Colosio
(Department of Health Sciences of the University of Milan,and International Centre for Rural Health of the S. Paolo Hospital of Milano, Italy)

Keynote Lecture:⑥(Serbia)セルビア : October 11(Thu.)10:00~10:55

  Ageing Serbian rural population: defining the health care needs and searching for solutions
  Chairman : Dr. Naohito Yamamoto(山本直人)
Director, Kainan Hospital, Aichi, Japan(愛知県厚生連 海南病院)
Speaker : Prof. Petar Bulat
(University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine & Serbian Institute of Occupational Health, Belgrade Serbia)

Keynote Lecture:⑦(ILO, Switzerland)国際労働機関、スイス : October 11(Thu.)11:00~12:00

  Prevention of occupational risks and diseases in agriculture
  Chairman : Dr. Satoshi Inaba(稲葉 聡)
Director, Engaru Kousei Hospital, Hokkaido, Japan (北海道厚生連 遠軽厚生病院)
Speaker : Dr. Shengli Niu
(Senior Specialist on Occupational Health, International Labour Office (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland)

Lunch break(昼休憩) October 11(Thu.) 12:00~14:00


Board Meeting & General Assembly of the International Association of rural health and medicine (IARM)
October 11(Thu.) 14:00~15:55


Keynote Lecture:⑧(Hungary)ハンガリー : October 11(Thu.)16:00~16:55

  The ageing population in Hungary – facts, challenges and endowers in the health and social policy
  Chairman : Dr. Satoshi Izawa(伊澤 敏)
Director, Saku General Hospital, Nagano, Japan(長野県厚生連 佐久総合病院)
Speaker : Prof. Istvan Szilard
(Department of Operational Medicine – WHO Collaborating Centre University of Pécs Medical School, Hungary)

Keynote Lecture:⑨(Hungary)ハンガリー : October 11(Thu.)17:00~18:00

  Aging Roma ethnic minority population in Hungary – Challenges, realities, perspectives for the health and social care system
  Chairman : Dr. Kazuo Sumimoto(住元一夫)
Director, Yoshida General Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan(広島県厚生連 吉田総合病院)
Speaker : Dr. Zoltan Katz
(Assistant professor, University of Pécs, Medical School (UP-MS), Department of Operational Medicine, Chair of Migration Health, Pécs, Hungary)

会員懇親会(TOCビル)Social gathering party at the TOC (Tokyo wholesale center)
October 11(Thu.)19:00~21:00

会場TFT Hall 500 (Venue A)
学会3日目 (Day 3) : 10月12日(金)、October 12(Fri.)

Symposium for the future prospects in progressive aging societies in South Korea (South Korea)
  韓国シンポジウム:韓国において進行する高齢化の中で将来の展望 : October 12(Fri.)9:00~12:00

  Chairman (1) : Dr. Yasuhiro Togawa(十川康弘)
Director, Kamitsuga General Hospital, Tochigi, Japan(上都賀厚生連 上都賀総合病院)
  Chairman (2) : Mr. Eiji Ooura(大浦栄次)
Kouseiren of Toyama Prefecture, Toyama, Japan(富山県厚生連)
  Current situation and future prospects of South Korea health insurance systems including the long-term care health insurance for aging people
  Keynote Speaker⑩ : Kyeong Soo Lee, MD, PhD.
(Vice-president of IARM, Department of Preventive Medicine, Yeungnam Univ. College of Medicine, Daegu, Republic of Korea)
  Preparation and Measures for Elderly with Dementia in Korea ; Focus on National Strategies and Action Plan against Dementia
  Keynote Speaker⑪ : Moo-Sik Lee MD, PhD
(Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Medicine, Konyang University, Republic of Korea)
  Current state of home visit nursing care in South Korea
  Keynote Speaker⑫ : Prof. Eunok Park
(College of Nursing, Jeju National University, Republic of Korea)

Keynote Lecture:⑬(Japan) 日本 : October 12(Fri.)14:00〜15:00

  Overview of the post-war Japanese medical care system and prospects of medical and long-term care policies in the advent of ultra-aging society
  Chairman : Dr. Akira Yoshikawa(吉川 明)
Nagaoka Central General Hospital, Niigata, Japan(新潟県厚生連 長岡中央綜合病院)
Speaker : Prof. Nanako Tamiya
(Department of Health Services Research, University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine, Health Services Research & Development Center)

閉会式、表彰式、東京宣言(合同) Closing and Awards Ceremony (Joint) October 12(Fri.)16:00~17:00

  2018 Tokyo Declaration: Joint Congress of 20th Congress of the International Association of Rural Health and Medicine (IARM) and 67th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Rural Health and Medicine (JARM)