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Medical Society Meeting Management

Have you finished preparing for your conference?

What should I do when managing conferences and exhibitions?
- If you have never experienced managing a conference,
- If you have discovered from past experience that time spent preparing for conferences cost valuable time for research amongst medical and research staff,
- If you believe a professional conference organizer will be expensive, please consult with Procom International. We have a flexible approach responding to all needs for preparation and management of domestic or international conferences and exhibitions. Leave all your conference planning needs to us.


Major Activities
conferences, exhibitions, seminars and meetings
interpreting (Simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for conferences, meetings and receptions)
translation (multi-lingual, technical translation service)
equipment rental service (slide projectors, overhead projectors, video recorders, computers, etc.)
multimedia contents (design of websites, CDs, etc.)
printing (posters, abstracts, papers, reports, manuals and brochures)

Our Activities
Prior to, during and even after a conference, various professional skills are needed for preparation and management. Procom International will utilize our know how to effectively act as your secretariat.


Conference Services
budgets (various simulations by computer processing)
venues (venues best serving your purpose)
schedules (careful advance preparation and post conference management)
fund raising (fund raising prospectus, receipt management, client follow-up, credit advice and letters of appreciation)
printed materials (invitations, posters, programs, abstracts, papers and reports)
call for papers (receipt of topics, management and itemization utilizing computer software)
call for participants (receipt of applications, management of lists and participant information utilizing databases)
committees (committee meeting arrangements, document and agenda preparation)
financing/accounting (fiscal planning, cash flow and account management)
design of websites and CDs

Management during the Conference
conference staff (reception desks, slide & projection equipment technicians, session secretary, party and reception staff)
interpreters (simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for conferences, meetings and receptions)
social activities (catering, coffee break, parties and receptions)
displays (poster sessions)
signboards (directions and programs)
rentals (computer presentation equipment, overhead projectors, slide projectors, videos and simultaneous interpreting headsets)
exhibition booths
network management
travel (technical tours, spouse tours and sightseeing)

Post Conferences Management
report preparation
letters of appreciation

Seminar Services
computer presentation materials
easier and faster preparation of slides by using computer software
translation of technical literature/papers (collection of papers and translations done by professionals in specialized fields)
native proofreading (correction of papers)
impressive English presentation instruction
tape transcription (multi-lingual preparation of reports and agendas)

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For inquiries, please contact:
Shogo Iwashita
Procom International Co., Ltd,
Phone: +81-3-5520-8821
Fax: +81-3-5520-8820

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