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Translation Service Translation Service

Translation Service

Translation service closer to the user. Swift, attractively priced, convenient translation service from the professionals in convention organizing and translation services.


Standard English and Japanese Translation
Ordinary English-Japanese/Japanese-English translation
Translation into Various Languages
Translation from/into languages other than Japanese or English
Native speaker proofreading for English-language translations done independently or improvement of work into natural written English
Layout service with computer software for presentation slides, OHP production, abstracts, and proceedings input

  Services Charge
Into Japanese Into Other Languages
A. Standard English Translation ¥3,000 per 400 characters (English into Japanese) ¥5,000 per 180 words (Japanese into English)
B. Translation into Various Languages ¥4,000 per 400 characters Varies by language
C. Proofreading ¥1,200 per 180 words (English)  
D. Presentation Please inquire for details.

Note: Service charges depend on unit for translation from Japanese into the target language other than English.

Service Fields
Medicine, pharmacology, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, natural sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, patent, law, agriculture, correspondence, etc.
Service Inquiry
Please enter necessary information in the following form and send it by email.
Delivery will be made either by mail or email, depending on customer request.
The bill will be sent after completion of delivery. Please pay to the following bank account within 30 days of billing date.
For inquiry and service request:
Hideyo Yamada
Procom International Co., Ltd,

Phone: +81-3-5520-8821
Fax: +81-3-5520-8820

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